Where U @: After School Hangout Spots for Dummies 

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By Scarlett O’Comartun and Jude Harvey

The 8-hour day of hard work at the Baltimore School for the Arts is not for the faint of heart. 

After critiques, rehearsals, never ending elevator complaints, and tests, you and your cohorts are released for the day onto the streets of scenic Mt. Vernon, where you each disperse to your after-school hangout spots. 

So, where are these popular places, you might ask? And which one should you make an appearance at? 

The Bun Shop

If you are looking for a place to recline after school and listen to some Mac Demarco, choose The Bun Shop. Here you will find a plethora of chelsea boots, good matcha, tired college students, and a bathroom with high security via the prison cell-esc lock code. 

You may be repelled from this location due to the dark mood lighting and slightly moist atmosphere, but the pastries and coffee are quite good. And yes, that mysterious stain on the velvet couch you sit on is just part of the aesthetic!

When discussing the topic of price, The Bun Shop won’t leave you turning couch cushions for quarters, but it’s surely not affordable for the common man. 


If you’re looking for an easy way to bring that bank account balance into the negatives and have a miniature doll-sized cup of joe, Fili is the place for you. It is located just a block away from our sweet home BSA, so it’s always convenient for an after-school coffee run. Fili is like The Avengers End Game movie of Mt. Vernon. The allure speaks for itself but in reality it’s comparable to all the other’s of its kind. 


If you love burnt iced coffee, a delicious scone, and/or an obscenely large key to the bathroom, Dooby’s is the perfect secondary location for you. 

Although you may think Dooby’s is just a cute cafe, once you take a gander at the menu, you’ll be surprised to find an assortment of Korean cuisine. From Bahn Mi’s to bowls of ramen to scones, it’s all delicious. 

You can either sit inside, and enjoy the indie music and peabody professor stares, or venture outside to get a glimpse of the natural beauty that is the rush hour traffic on Charles street. 


Starbucks, located on Charles Street, is a place where many BSA folk love to retreat. 

If you are seen at the Starbucks, picking up a frappe or a refreshing strawberry acai, you love a good hike. You may as well bring your little stick and mud covered boots to school so you can trek your way through the mile-long walk to get there. 

Starbucks is only attainable with a fresh paycheck in your pocket, for it is definitely on the pricey side. But if you’re craving that pumpkin spice latte (PSL), or signature crisp apple cold foam, it’s always reliable.

Never on A Sunday

One of the most popular spots to hangout after school is Never on A Sunday (which is now open on Sundays, although it feels a little sacrilegious), a local pizza and American food restaurant a mere few blocks away from BSA. If you want to get your BSA lingo down pat, refer to it as “Never’s”

People who are constantly seen here love the grimy smell and fluorescent light vibes. But don’t be turned away, the wings and pizza are surprisingly excellent. 

If you happen to forget to pack a scrumptious lunch one day, and the only other option was the cafeteria sloppy joes, your best option for a meal after school is to hit up Nevers for some fries to fill your aching stomach.

Never’s is an option that applies to all. Oftentimes it is affordable, or you can always find a classmate whose order you can mooch off of.

Bus Stop

Another option for after-school is the bus stop. No matter what bus stop you choose, the location is filled with delights of all kinds. Whether you’re waiting for the 95 Roland Park (or the lack there-of), or just enjoy sitting on the very uncomfortable “Baltimore-Greatest City in America” wooden benches, you can witness the Silver Bus approaching every 5 minutes just to spite you.

Watch out for Mr. Giordano, who has occasionally been seen at the wine bar across from the Charles Street bus stop; be sure to keep your head down to avoid making eye contact. 

It’s also a great spot to make eye contact with your BSA acquaintances alongside their parent as they drive home hand in hand in their Subaru. 

Mt. Vernon Parks

While chilling in one of the Mt. Vernon parks, one might convince oneself that they are truly celebrating sweater season. It’s the only time in the school day BSA students can take in some vitamin D by plopping down on a bench.

But in reality, all you get is a bombardment of strange inner city Baltimore smells and allergic reactions to the pollen that last for days from. 

It’s truly a nice place to hang out for 4 of the 365 days per year, but if you are tough as nails and watched Wild Kratts at a young age- you should bring your friends and hang out at the Mt. Vernon parks. 

One of the most exciting and fun things about hanging out in the parks is the free entertainment! Watch an assortment of dog walkers, Mt. Vernon locals, or tourists trying to find The Basilica. It’s a ‘People Watchers’ heaven. 

Coach Class

Coach Class is the place for you if you’ve ever seen an episode of the Gilmore Girls and thought “She’s so me” in regards to Rory Gilmore. 

Whether you are remastering a failed geometry test or a teacher’s pet just chatting it up with your favorite teacher, coach class has a cool, calm, and studious vibe.

Outside of BSA

An overlooked location for an after-school rendezvous is the exterior of BSA itself. You could be waiting for your very late parent, praying they zoom up at any moment even though they said they would be there 34 minutes ago, or just having some after-school fun with your best buds. 

If you like to show off your parkour skills by hopping up on the window ledge, which is so cool, then this is the place for you. 

But beware! For after a certain amount of time, the area will be filled with second grade dancers and their parents looking for the right TWIGS entrance. They will ask you!

Overall, every student at BSA can find an after-school escape somewhere. 

Whether it’s snacking on something scrumptious, chatting with your gal pals, or trying to finish work, there are so many options to choose from before you go home to complete your endless hours of homework. 

So next time, consider one of these beautiful Mt. Vernon landmarks to reside in for the afternoon.

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