Editor’s Statement | Addressing Conflict Of Interest Within The BSA Muse

Archive, Politics and Activism

By: A. W. Taylor

With the election of Quinn Bryant, an Editor-in-Chief of the BSA Muse, as president of the student government, we felt it necessary to acknowledge this conflict of interest and explain how we will address it. 

Last year, when Bryant was vice president of the student government, she had no control over the coverage and content of the Muse’s political section. We intend to operate in a similar way this year. 

All articles written about student government will be overseen and edited by me. If Bryant is included in the article, the writer and I will ensure to write about her in an accurate and factual manner. Bryant will not be able to remove or edit any quotes ethically obtained from her, or analysis on her derived from fact. 

We hope this statement will give you clarity on our editorial process. Our goal is to serve the students of the Baltimore School for the Arts and provide them fair and accurate news coverage. We hope this statement can contribute to that.

We are open to feedback, suggestions and comments. If you would like to add to the discussion on this topic please email me at ataylor4323@bsfa.org.