Search Progresses for Art Department Heads

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By: Tessa Lake-Goldstein 

Update: On April 7, Becky Mossing was announced as the new head of the Theatre Department.

The search for department heads has taken a turn, as two prominent leaders announced their prior –or upcoming– resignation. With positions opening up across the board, BSA has begun to prioritize filling the art department head slots. Students are bereft of the tradition and stability those teachers provided for ensembles in the past.

 With the resignation of BSA’s previous principal, Roz graciously stepped into the position; leaving the role of theatre department head open. For the 2021-2022 school year, Paul and Julianne co-shared the theatre department head. They’ve both taken on additional classes, a burden when theatre performances are in full swing. 

The school’s committee has extended the search to multi-media platforms, posting job opportunities on newly digital platforms like Instagram. Their post said, “we are hiring!’ Theatre Educational Associate (department head)” Applicants sent their resumes into a specified BSA email, leaving the employers to filter through a pool of educated individuals. Currently, they are in the selection process and admittance is closed. 

Theater Department Head Hiring Flyer. Photo from the Baltimore School for the Arts Instagram

However, Ms. Laura Halm recently announced her resignation for dance department head: leaving at the end of the year to pursue other opportunities. Similarly, BSA made a post on Instagram, “We are hiring!’ Dance Department Head” The process recently ended, as applications were due March 18, and first selection picks started thereafter. 

Dance Department Head Hiring Flyer. Photo from the Baltimore School for the Arts Instagram

Dance Department Head encompasses more than just the minimum three hours of arts education. It also involves TWIGS (to work in gaining skills). They have to manage the nearly 300 2nd through 8th graders on their journey through the after school pre-preparatory program. The education program for upcoming BSA students and current BSA students is a substantial workload, and the application process is rigorous. 

Staff at BSA want students to have a diligent arts education. Their mission statement is, “Baltimore School for the Arts seeks to prepare the next generation of the creative workforce by providing inspiring arts and academic training to high school students as well as opportunities in the arts to younger children and the greater community.” Students are at the forefront of our educators minds, and their creative journey at BSA is the drive for our new hires. 

It is evident the search to fill these department head positions will not be easy, and simultaneously quite timely. However, decisions are underway and excitement is brewing for the new faces of artistic ability.

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